Scramble Member Responsibilities by Hector Garcia

For many, many years our club has had its Scrambles on a monthly basis so that all members get to know one another on the courts.

The conductor of the Scramble is a volunteer member and, for some strange reason, it seems that the same people run the Scrambles each and every month. Because of this, many of our members have never run a Scramble and their only contribution to the Scrambles is that they play in them.

This being the case, if you don’t volunteer to run a Scramble, please be sure to help make it easier for the person running it. How, you ask?

(1) By making sure that your name is in the entry list before picking chips (sometimes it is already there).

(2) By letting the conductor of the Scramble know when you are leaving the courts for the day.

(3) By posting your scores immediately after finishing your game instead of staying on court hitting balls.

(4) By arriving a little early in order to warm-up so as not to delay the start of the games.

(5) By picking only one chip, returning it to the “return box” and going to your assigned court and not to the court in which you want to play.

Your cooperation will be expected and is much appreciated.

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