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Love Tournament Feb 28, 2010;Peter Mo -author; Who’s having a baby? Anna Gee’s article about Holiday Party;


LOVE Tournament -Feb 28, 2010;  Sign up at the courts or via email to Martin Law (see flyer on Love Tourney page)

PETER MOauthor of a new Chinese novel  in Chinese (go to “Member News” for more information and website).


2.  Dec 12, 2009 Holiday Party – Thanks to Anna Gee for writing about our Xmas Party!! See page on Holiday Party

3.  Turkey Tussle – Winners with most Games won: Amber Marsden (Women) and Chi Lin (Men)-

All other winners for the turkey tussle  for each group of 4 are posted on the “turkey tussle” page on our website.  Check it out.

4.  Top Scramble winners for the year who got trophies & prizes at the Holiday Party are:

A.  Top 3  with most average games won per set or highest %age won (must have played 60% of rounds possible during the year or 26 rounds)
Hugh Blunden            68.9% or 5.51 games/set won
Chi Lin                          62.2% or 4.97 games/set won

Masako Naito            60.1% or 4.81 games/set won
Amy Liang                  58.3% or 4.67 games/set won
Isabel Sun                   51.4% or 4.12 games/set won

B.  Top Participation Awards  (reward for consistently coming to play at Scrambles & waking up on time!)
Tommy Chu               Played 264 games or 33 rounds played (out of total possible of 44 rounds or 11 months) or 8 months play
Joe Flores              Played 256 games or 32 rounds or 8 months out of possible 11 months
Philip Yang             Played 256 games or 32 rounds/8months


Haruko Hosokawa Played 264 games or 33 rounds (8 months)
Anna Gee                Played 288 games or 36 rounds (9 months)

5.  2010 Member Dues – send to Anna Gee – go to Application page to download your application to send in with your check or bring money for Amber w/ form to the SGHS tennis courts..

6.  Eddie needs your TShirt size – email us or reply to the surveymonkey he sent out to all.

7.  Have a great remainder of the year and see you Dec 27 and then Scramble Jan 3, 2010