Member News Archive July 2009

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MORE Machikawa news! John and Suzanne are expecting a new little one!  Just announced at our Annual Holiday Party…  Good luck!

Peter Mo has written a book – please go online to the following website to find out more!

Suzanne & John Machikawa closed escrow & are new homeowners. And more good news – Suzanne just passed her RN State Board exams so she’ll be Registered Nurse (probably taking care of us “oldies”)  Good Luck & Congratulations to a great tennis couple!

Pete Villalobos’ grandson is doing well after his cancer chemotherapy treatments!  Click on the following link to read about his past year’s progress.  Pete has thanked all of SGTC members for their kind thoughts and prayers.  (Pete’s emails to all friends, family, sgtc)


Ethen Wayne Murray 9-08  Pete Villalobos Grandson
Ethen Wayne Murray 9-08 Pete Villalobos Grandson

More “Couples” NEWS

LOVE IS IN THE AIR Written by Anna Gee

Love must be in the air.  YY  During Dominique and JJ’s wedding reception, it was discovered that two other SGTC members would be making wedding plans in the future.  Congratulations to MARTIN LAW who proposed to TINA TUONG and the two are now engaged.  No date has been set but wedding dates are possible for 2010.

Wow, Martin – we loved Tina’s shiny, large diamond ring & pricey, too!  Good start to a woman’s heart, Martin!  Tina, after recently traveling with Martin in China and having a pick of billions of Chinese guys, you picked the best man right here in Los Angeles, California – one who makes your heart throb!!  A good guy….   (below, the happy engaged couple!)

Engaged - Martin Law & Tina Truong

More news Tony Law, SGTC Intra-Club Tennis Coordinator just started his new job as Admissions Counselor for Mount St. Mary’s College. Training in San Diego was great, Tony says – lots of bonding.  Good luck! We need you – lots of new ideas and energy! Can you counsel us, too?

Thanks go to Julie and Ken Chan for making a 2009 Calendar for SGTC with a photo of our Group of members at the Holiday Party in December 2008!

Chi Lin’s son, Jeff, just graduated from USC with a major in Business and is looking for a job. He has a pending job offer( around December).  Chi, you must be very proud of your son & your daughter, who is in Medical School.  Lots of expenses for you, but all worth it.

Charlie Park’s daughter, Grace, will start her freshman year this Fall as a freshman at UC Riverside. You & your wife will miss her, Charlie.  But luckily, she’s near enough to come home & bug you now and then.  So one daughter down & one to go!

LESLIE MACH graduated June 12 from UCLA, major Sociology!! Join Amber – both of you Sociology graduates – good luck in saving the world!  We need you (we hope to see you out at the SGHS tennis courts more often).  Congratulations!

San Gabriel Tennis Club Member, JEREMY LEE, In Musical Concert

By Anna Gee

Several SGTC members attended a musical recital, featuring one of its tennis members, JEREMY LEE.  Jeremy has been pursuing a musical path at East Los Angeles College.  Besides his tennis skills, Jeremy adds his piano talent, and just completed his first semester in a string instrument class, specializing in the violin.

A class recital was held on June 4, 2009, at ELAC.  The program consisted of beginners, intermediate, and advanced players.  The program opened with the entire group playing “Twinkle, Twinkle.”  Jeremy teamed up with two other students to create a trio in a violin piece called “For Pete’s Sake”.  Two other violin soloists were each accompanied by Jeremy on the piano.  The program continued with other string pieces performed by the group as well as two advanced soloists.  The recital concluded with Jeremy Lee performing “Dance of the Tumblers” on the piano.

Members in attendance in support of  Jeremy were:  Haruko Hosokawa, Angela Kwok, Masako Naito, Takashi Ikushima, Isabel Sun and Anna Gee.  Isabel & Masako presented Jeremy with bouquets of flowers for a performance well done.  Best wishes and continued success is extended to Jeremy in his musical pursuits.


Baby Cody Hsu born April 23, 2009 to Frank & Effie Hsu

Frank & Effie Hsu give birth to a baby boy, CODY HSU, born in the early morning of April 23rd, 2009!! 5 lbs, 13 oz.; 19 inches long (tall).  He’s joined the “Tired Parents Club” for sure.  Enjoy fatherhood, Frank!  In a few years, we’ll have some potential tennis prodigies in our club… (Tac Vong, Ben Louie and now Frank Hsu’s kids all following in their dad’s (mom’s) footsteps.)

More news: Angela Yang came out to play w/hubby Phil Yang!!!  Great to see her – everyone wanted to catch up & talk to her (we missed her beautiful smile & upbeat person on the courts!  Also, Julia & Peter Mo came to play at the last scramble! They will hopefully be coming to play more often.  And our missing in action but busy busy member who captains USTA teams – Yayomi Kanai came out to join us & root everyone on while they played!!  Good to see all of you!

Pete Villalobos’ 2 yr old grandson is doing fine- he has his last session of chemotherapy. We wish him a fast recovery (Pete says he’s been running all over the place!).

MARSDEN family update! as of April 11, 2009

More College news for Sandy Lee & Steve Marsden’s daughters:

Excited parents – eldest daughter, Lani, returning from Nanjing, China after a year in June after working there teaching English at Hohai University in Nanjing and coordinating Volunteers in Asia program, as well as taking 20 hrs per week of Mandarin Language classes at Nanjing Normal University.

Lani will be returning to the United States after 2 yrs in China.  She was accepted to graduate schools in International Studies at Harvard University, Columbia University, George Washington Univ. in Washington DC and Johns Hopkins Univ. in DC.   Congratulations, Lani!!

Lani has decided to go where the action is – Obama and the hub of government.  Johns Hopkins University here she comes – Washington DC!   Watch out – possibly our next President of the United States!!  Good luck, Lani.

Sister, Amber, will graduate with a double major in Sociology & Ethnic Studies from UC Berkeley at the end of May 2009.  Congratulations, Amber!  Then, on to her job search – anyone needing an employee?  Amber will be back on the tennis courts at SGHS if she decides to return home this Fall.  Watch out for more tennis competition!

Youngest sister, Jada, has been enjoying her freshman year at Santa Clara University adjusting and enjoying college life.  This summer she will be interning at a Women’s International Issues Newspaper in Monterey Bay.  (That is, after her family vacation in Hawaii where all 3 girls and their parents visit every summer).

So the Lee Marsden tennis family continues on…..

Our members have been traveling!

Chi Lin & his family traveled to the Grand Canyon enjoying the exhilarating sights;  John & Suzanne Machikawa enjoyed time away in Las Vegas;  & Sandy Lee & Steve Marsden also took time to drive to Las Vegas & go to the “O” Cirque du Soleil synchronized swimming show, as well as eat so so so much food – buffets, Hawaiian food at the California hotel – mmmm.  Some of our SGTC members went to Indian Wells Tennis Tournament in March – Rebecca Loo, Gloria Estrada, Sandy Lee, Chi Lin, Tony Law, Eddie Trieu, Tracy Liao, Shirley & Chuck Woo, and others.  Was fun!  Sandy & Rebecca got to see Roger Federer take off his shirt & change to another!!!

USTA Update – Who’s playing?

Many of our SGTC members also play USTA. They enjoy coming to Sunday SGHS tennis and get in some warm up tennis time before they are off to their USTA team matches.  There’s always a court for them to play at and people to push them to play better. If they are not scheduled to play in their USTA team match, they never have a problem finding partners to play with at SGHS!

This past Jan to March 2009,  7.0 mixed doubles league, we had 2 teams that had many SGTC players – Captain Jeremy Lee with a majority of our members on that team – Chi Lin, Angela Kwok, Suzanne & John Machikawa, Rick Bautista, Tommy Wong,Charlie Park, Mel Cabral, Venkat, Wakako Yasunari, Haruko Hosokawa, Eddie Trieu, Tony Law, (their home team court was San Gabriel High School).

The second USTA 7.0 mixed team captain was none other than Yayomi Kanai! Both teams played each other in an exciting team match at San Gabriel High School,that had Yayomi & all the spectators, on the edge of their seat.  Her team won 2-1 but it could have gone either way with the third set tiebreakers.  Yayomi’s team just missed being first in the San Gabriel league. Team members from SGTC on Yayomi’s team were Martin Law, Ben Lu, Sandy Lee, Rebecca Loo, Sharon Hendricks, Gloria Estrada, Yoshi Mori, former member Olga Panasenco, Takashi Ikushima, Betty Gomez.

Other 7.0 and 8.0 USTA teams include our members:  Masako Naito, Shirley Woo, Chuck Woo, Kirsten Woo, Hugh Blunden, Rollie Amurao, Danny Gloria, Nilay Hazari, Frank Hsu, Kent Huynh, Isabel Sun, Pablo Maurin, and others I’ve missed.

We have just started the Spring USTA leagues – 3.5 and 4.0 Women’s and Men’s leagues.  So will keep you updated!

Harold Jeffs Update on Health

Harold Jeffs, long time member of SGTC is out of commission for awhile. Not only are his kneesreally bothering him, but in February he had surgery after an appendicitis attack.  He won’t be doing much activity for awhile, reports his wife, Marilyn Jeffs.   Get healthy, Harold!  So we can play tennis with you!

Tony Law,  Congratulations Graduate! Your Bachelors in English from Cal. State Fullerton (Dec.20, 2008) is an accomplishment that we, as well as your parents are very proud of!  Now your older brother, Martin, had better watch out!And your sister, who we are waiting to meet and have you invite her to play tennis with us, can also take pride in.  Join Eddie Trieu in going on to better things?  You will be facing “the big bad world” now, filling out job applications and sharing his resume with prospective employers.  Good luck, Tony!  You have great time management skills, cause you balanced all your studies with your tennis and your very important role as our SGTC Intra-club Tournament Coordinator, as well as keeping track of all the monthly Scramble data and results.  Thanks for all you did last year 2008 and on to many more creative, fun tournaments with our SGTC members in 2009!

Our prayers are with Pete Villalobos and his family and grandson Ethan. Ethan’s doctors say his tumors have shrunk so much after his chem sesions that there is a good chance that they will do surgery to remove them.  Good luck, Ethan and keep fighting! (Dec 17, 2008)

Julia & Peter Mo say Merry Xmas to All!  They haven’t forgotten about us, but they now live in El Segundo  & enjoy playing with 12 other players several times a week & continue to improve their tennis play.  Maybe we can join her and her tennis friends & enjoy some friendly games as her guest.  She & Peter are planning a Mediteranean Cruise trip and tour of Italy next year! We miss you, Julia! Thanks for getting all our Inter-club Tennis Tournament Coordinators last year and for starting up our website initially! (Dec 18, 2008)

Jeremy Lee, our resident Pianist, just gave a piano recital last Wed. Dec 10th at East Los Angeles College!  Next time he does one, we’ll let you know ahead of time.  Wishing you luck on getting into the piano program you are  interested in at ELAC!

Baby Due in MAY 2009!

Frank Hsu and wife, Effie, attended the Holiday Party at Mijares and announced that the happy news that they are due to have a baby in May of 2009!  Frank was just beaming and so excited!  You’ll soon be joining the “Tired Parents Club”, like Ben Louie & Tac Vong!

Chuck Woo, was bumped up from 3.5 to 4.0 in USTA.  Watch out for Chuck!  Congratulations!!

Sadly, Mary Baruch, long time SGTC member who had been playing tennis at SGHS as recently as just a few weeks ago, passed away this October or November.  She could often be seen playing very competitive, close, and long-point rallies in doubles games with & against Anna Gee, Angela Yang, Julia Mo, Larie Richardson, and many others.  She was a great tennis player & loved the game, being sure to take advantage of any weak returns given to her by putting away the point herself.

Mary was an excellent role model for all of us who want to keep active and enjoy life to it’s fullest, no matter what age we are.  She was an inspiration to everyone.  We will dearly miss Mary.     By Anna Gee

Jada Marsden returns Nov 26th from Mexico, having participated in a 4 day Santa Clara University “Mexico Immersion” trip to build a home for a needy Mexican family.  She was excited to show her family photos of the house and the various stages of it being built, as well as, the many friends she made and some of the local people she met.  Her freshman year at Santa Clara has been a positive learning experience!

More Marsden & Lee news: Japan here we come!  Sandy Lee and her mother from Hawaii, as well as her 3 daughters Lani (who will fly to meet her mom and sisters from Nanjing, China), Amber, and Jada will all be enjoying a family trip to visit Sandy’s brother & wife & 3 young girls in Tokyo. This will be their first visit to Tokyo & Kyoto & Sandy thanks all the advice given to her about Japan by the many SGTC members – Masako, Angela Yang, Yayomi, Takashi, Yoshi, Tommy Chu, and many more!  What a great bunch of friends that she can rely on to take time from their busy schedules to help me with plane, hotel, train, etc.  schedules and tips on what to wear, where to go, and so on.  I am so lucky!    Domo Arigato!       Sandy Lee

“SGTC Board Member EDDIE TRIEU goes to Asia!” Written by Eddie Trieu

After graduation from Cal Poly Pomona this June 2008, I decided to travel to Asia before looking for a job.  I traveled throughout Taiwan and I also visited Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Thailand before returning home to LA. I already am missing Asia. Probably one of my best summers so far. Now that I know it’s so much fun, I will definitely make plans to travel more in the near future! What I liked most about Asia is that everything is so cheap and there is almost no sales tax (it’s probably included in the price I just don’t know about). I’d definitely recommend people visit Taiwan for authentic, tasty, Chinese food, and Thailand, for their animal shows and nice beaches. If anyone is interested in going to the places I’ve been to, I can definitely write down a few interesting places for you to visit!

Now that I am back, I am ready to TENNIS!       Eddie

GLORIA ESTRADA, a proud Grandmother! by Anna Gee
Remember the recent earthquake centered in Chino Hills but felt
throughout L.A. County?  Well, that was Lauren Alicia Salas, beautiful
granddaughter of SGTC member, Gloria Estrada.  Gloria’s daughter Yvette
gave birth to Lauren who arrived 1/2 hour before the earthquake and hit
the scales at 7.5 oz and was 20-1/2″ long.  Welcome to our tennis world,

NEWBORNS in May & June:

1. New member Tac Vong & wife, Loan are proud parents of Andrew Roger Vong born on June 26, 1:19 pm, at 6 pounds and 11 ounces. Tac emailed us saying “We never knew this little guy would be so much work, we’re trying to get some sleep between his naps but Andrew makes sure we have plenty to do between his naps. I will bring him out to the club when the weather is more favorable.” Tac & Loan, guess you are now part of the “Tired Parents Club”!

2. Another new member Ben Louie & wife, Lauren, are also proud parents of baby girl, Mallory, born May 28th, at 5:10am. Ben & Lauren admit, “things are pretty crazy here after our daughter was born. We are both pretty tied up handling the new one, but things are well. Would love to be able to get out and play more tennis.”

Yes, it must be hectic for both of you, but in a couple months, taking time out to play tennis, exercise, and have fun will keep you really appreciating your “Before Baby” lifestyle. And in no time, you’ll be bringing baby out to the courts!

Congratulations, GRADUATE!

Our very own Co-social Board Member, EDDIE TRIEU graduated from Cal. Poly Pomona College in June 2008! Please congratulate him when you see him. But right now he is traveling in Taiwan, China, and who knows where for a couple months till September! Eddie, enjoy your freedom before you start working – it’ll be hard to get off for the summers!

JADA LEE MARSDEN graduated from Mark Keppel High School, June 2008. She will be a college freshman at Santa Clara University in the Fall. Parents, Sandy Lee & Steve Marsden, will be face the “empty nest” stage. More tennis in the future? Congratulations, Jada! Study hard!

Angela Yang to leave the hospital, as of Thurs Sept 11th. She will be cared for by her mother, who lives in Chinatown.  She is feeling much better but will now be on the road to her full recuperation.  Rest up, Angela!  We’re all pulling for you!

GUESS WHO ATTENDED THE BEIJING OLYMPICS TENNIS GAMES? None other than one of our “family” members –

Lani Lee Marsden, who wrote to her mom and dad, Sandy Lee & Steve Marsden, the following email on August 16, 2008 (the night before and then the day she arrived).

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! 🙂  I’m in Beijing! And the weather is beautiful and I slept an hour and a half last night cuz we had hard seaters (on the train),  but I’m soooooooo excited to be here!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂  YAY OLYMPICS!  I’ll call/email you if I get in, but look for me at the tennis matches on TV!

BEST DAY EVER.  I watched Venus & Serena Williams play the Bondarenko sisters in the Tennis Women’s Doubles semi-finals (second row, and it was a good match), watched Dementieva play Zvonereva in the Women’s Singles semi-finals, watched SOME of Blake and Djokovic in the men’s semi, watched the Bryan brothers beat France’s Clement and someone else for bronze in Men’s Doubles, and then sat COURTSIDE at the Federer/Wawrinka vs Johannson/Aspelin men’s doubles gold medal match. I was dying with excitement.  We also may or may not have gotten on TV during that last match.  During one of the breaks, the camera taped us for a minute while we yelled.  I said “Hi MOM” and “Happy Birthday Dad!” – just so you know what to look for. 🙂  I’m wearing a white shirt (yeah, didn’t plan that well or I would have worn something red, white, and blue).”

New Website for SGTC

A priority goal for the board this year is to start up a club website and this is the result. We hope you like it and also use it frequently. The website is only beneficial if our members use it. The board will work hard at updating information and adding more news as needed.

By now most of our members have hopefully accessed the new SGTC website. This will be our future way of communicating to you (besides courtside). Thanks to Julia and Peter Mo for all their hard work in initiating our website and starting the ball rolling. They uploaded preliminary information such as board members, the member roster, our constitution & bylaws, contact information, and so on.

Jada Marsden, Martin Law, and Sandy Lee subsequently continued the process of bringing all of you a user friendly website that you can use to sign up for tournaments, find out about the top ten tennis players in the world, email the board, check out the upcoming club events, as well as find out some of our members’ important happenings in their lives.

If you would like to contribute to a short article or know of any newsworthy topics, please let us know. This website will be taking the place of our past newsletters. We encourage everyone to access this website once every week.

Past Newsletters Written by Anna Gee

December 2007 Newsletter

November 2007 Newsletter

October 2007 Newsletter<a href=””>t

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