PHOTOS -Monterey Park Tennis Club Tourney May2009

Photos Monterey Park Tennis Club Tourney May 31, 2009 at SGHS (Enjoy!)

Here are just a few photos to share – everyone had fun!

To view the Temple City Tourney Photos from May 3, 2009,  go to the Photo -Temple City Tourney page.


Tennis Tourney Coordinators – THANK YOU!!

John Machikawa, SGTC & Stella Soto, MPTC


Keiko Kagan, Welcome to our new SGTC Member!


Ben Louie’s wife Lauren & baby Mallory come to cheer him on! Sure enough, Ben does his best to win the most no. of games for SGTC (along with John Machikawa) . He gets a prize…  Come out again next time, Lauren & Mallory!


Danny hugs Reiko – both were big winners!  Reiko, you did fantastic!  Keep it up!


Stacy Iwata Winner MPTC most games won along another member


Mona Garcia, tough competitor for MPTC!  So consistent!


Emi Serizawa, always friendly & experienced tennis player we look forward to playing with each year from MPTC.


Connie 4.0 player from MPTC.  Very skilled & smart player!  Watch out next year again!


MPTC Caprina with 2 very handsome young guys!  Who are they?


Tennis Bums Yoshi Mori, Takashi Ikushima & Mel Cabral enjoy lunch after their hard tennis play…


Suzanne thinks, “Who’s that guy? Is he really the SGTC President?”


David, from MPTC hangs out with the fun people from SGTC

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