Port Hueneme Weekend Getaway July 23-25, 2010

2010 Tennis Weekend at Port Hueneme   (Read about the fun weekend and who participated, the fun games)

written by Anna Gee:

On July 23-25, 2010, SGTC members enjoyed a fun tennis weekend at Port Hueneme.   Casa Via Mar Hotel continues to update their facilities & services with added benches on the courts, re-modeled Hospitality Room & breakfast buffet for Hotel guests.  Water & soft drinks were provided at the courts.

Coordinator, Gail Begerow, planned a full day of tennis on the courts of the Hotel.  The group played rounds of tennis on a 25-minute timed basis.  Winners moved to the next court while losers remained.  All players then switched partners, providing opportunity to play with & against different players.  Everyone took a lunch break, with many players going to nearby deli, Roxbury.  After lunch some members returned to the courts or to the swimming pool/Jacuzzi.

Members John/Alice Sepulveda, who now live in Ventura but still participate in SGTC tournaments and activities, planned to join the group.  However, John took ill & was diagnosed with walking pneumonia.  John did recruit a few Ventura tennis players to join SGTC Saturday afternoon.  Alice joined SCTC on Saturday and Sunday.  We wish John a speedy recovery.

Saturday evening, the Hospitality Room was reserved for SGTC members only.  Members enjoyed El Pollo Loco chicken, rice, beans, tortillas, fruit & Ceasar salad.  Members then participated in several of Gail’s ingenious games, starting with:  “Deal or No Deal”.  Members assembled in groups, while 6 members held mini briefcases with Nos. 1 through 6 that secretly housed monetary figures of $0.01, $1.00, $5.00, $10.00, $20.00 and $50.00.   Each group selected one briefcase with hopes that the $50.00 was in that case.  Martin Law served as the germophobic Howie Mandel, talking to the mysterious “banker”, making an offer & asking each group:  “Deal or No Deal?”

The next game, Gail wrote various questions on a large beachball.  As the ball was tossed around, each person holding the ball had to answer whatever question his or her right thumb landed on.

The third game was the Right-Left-Center-Dot dice game.  Players start out with $3.  Each player excitedly roll the 3 dice in hopes of gaining or retaining money.  Winning in their respective groups were:  Ko Nakamura and Mel Cabral’s daughter, Ishmene.

Random drawing was held for various prizes that Gail cleverly assembled & beautifully wrapped.  To conclude the evening, a mini wedding rehearsal was enacted for  Martin Law & Tina Truong as Tina was decorated with a veil.  A cake extended best wishes to their upcoming wedding.  Another cake was available to celebrate Amber Marsden’s birthday.  As members sang the birthday song, Amber tried and tried to blow out candles that continued to light up.  Everyone enjoyed the cakes for dessert and pitched in to clean the room & put tables/chairs back in their location.

Players played several more rounds of tennis Sunday morning before checking out.  Attending the weekend outing were:  Gail Begerow; Isabel Sun; Gloria Estrada; Anna Gee; Ko Nakamura; Mario/Angela Arroyo; Mel Cabral/daughter Ishmene; Julia/Peter Mo; Philip/Angela Yang, Hector/Queta Garcia; Tony Law; Leslie Mach; Eddie Trieu; Martin Law; Tina Truong; Amber Marsden; Mike Lu; Chi Lin; Tony Wong; Kathleen/Rick Janisch; Amy Liang; Andrew Lee; Peter Chiu.

July 23-25, 2010


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