San Marino Tennis Club Tournament

Article written by Tony Law about the SGTC vs San Marino Tennis Club Tournament

AThis past Saturday, July 17, 2010, San Gabriel Tennis Club (SGTC) visited San Marino High School to play an interclub tournament with the San Marino Tennis Club (SMTC).  The tournament began at 7:30am and ended around 11:30am.  SGTC brought new tennis balls while SMTC provided drinks, croissant sandwiches, bananas and snacks.

The matches were played as USTA format; meaning best of 3 sets and the third set is a 10-point super tiebreaker.  Chi and Tony agreed that there will be no deuces to allow for the tournament to run on schedule, but also allow the players to have an exciting match!

Thank you to all the members who came out during the hot summer day to play in this tournament!  The players that participated were:

Tony Law
Martin Law
Larie Richardson
Tommy Chu
Shirley Woo
Amy Liang
Richard Chen
Ben Louie
Brian Ching
Ed Yue
David Szany
Lisa Yeung
Jeremy Lee
Paul Lin

There were also a few familiar faces that played for San Marino Tennis Club such as Chi Lin, Mario V., and Tracy helped and made sure everyone started the next round on time.

It was a very close tournament, but SGTC edged out SMTC with a 7-5 match record.

A big thanks to the Chi and the organizers from SMTC for the invitation to their dinner (Tony and Amy attended) and for allowing us to visit their courts at SMHS.  SGTC will look forward to playing against SMTC next year again!

Attached are the results of the interclub tournament and some of the pictures that SMTC took during the day.

Thanks to Tim Chen from SMTC for linking the website where all the pictures were taken of the tournament:

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