MiniTourney Feb 12 Winners See Below; IntraClub Tourney March 12; Hiroko&Lee Wed! New Board! Keiko Captains 2 SGTC USTA teams!

Our SGTC Newlyweds, Hiroko & Lee in Maui – What a team!

MiniTourney Feb 12, 2011 Participants

Happy New Year everyone!  To a super 2011 tennis year!  Welcome new Board Members & new President, TONY LAW!

New Board:

New 2011 Board
President –             Tony Law
Vice President –        Mike Lu
Secretary –             Lily Ng
Treasurer –             Tony Wong
Co-Socials:             Eddie Trieu & Angela Kwok & John Machikawa
Publicity –             Sandy Lee
Inter-Club Tennis Manager:     Keiko Kagan
Intra-Club Tennis Manager       Amber Marsden
Co-Scramble Coordinators:     Lisa Szeto, Eric Hsieh, James Brentzel, Justin Lee
Board Advisor:  Anna Gee

1.  Mini-tourney Feb 12 Sat 8am to 10am for 3.0 and 3.5 level players

Results of the Tourney:  click on the following:

Results of .MiniTourney.Feb12.2011

2.  March 12 SGTC IntraClub Tourney – keep that date open – more information to come – Amber Marsden coordinating.

3.  Check out last year’s 2010 SCRAMBLE winners under that page & also January’s Scramble results = start off the year right – come to at least 50% of all scramble rounds/games and you might be a winner next December!!  Make that your goal & also to meet members you might not know or play with regularly.  “Mix it up”!  Thanks to Lisa Szeto, Jim Brentzel, Justin Lee, and Eric Hsieh for co-coordinating the monthly Scrambles…

4.  Keiko Kagan, has come forward to captain 2 USTA teams that are made up of all SGTC members:  a 7.0 mixed team and an 8.0 mixed doubles team:  Great representation out there in USTA for SGTC!  You never know – our club might be famous, going to Sectionals or Nationals!  Thank you, Keikko!  Everyone is having fun…and bonding, too.

5. Isabel Sun’s daughter, Jennifer has wed this January – Congratulations, Jennifer – we miss you at the tennis courts but we know you have moved to Orange County & enjoying “married life”.  Your mom can relax now.

6.  Hiroko Nozoe & Lee Nguyen have tied the knot in Maui!!  Beautiful beach photos – Congratulations!  You can play mixed doubles tennis and win as a very strong team for many years to come!!

Hiroko & Lee Wed in Hawaii Dec 2010

Go to the page “Member news” for some pix of Martin & Tina’s wedding! Congratulations.  Also congratulations to Philip & Angela Yang – proud grandparents!  And which SGTC couple will wed Dec 24 in Maui?



HOLIDAY Party December 11, 2010 at San Gabriel Recreation Center – Flyer to be online Nov 16 or so (you will be getting an announcement in the mail, along with the new member dues application for 2011).

Go to “Holiday Party” page.

Halloween Tussle Saturday, October 30, 2010, Results and Photos – go to page “Halloween Tussle”


Remember to Pay your Dues Now! “You can play if you pay“. Dues are minimal for SGTC compared to many other tennis clubs. You get a lot for the whole year for $50 individual dues and $20 for couples/family member dues!

Turn in your updated application and self-rating sheet (you may have improved!) to Martin Law or any of the board members. It’s $5 more after January 31st. Take personal responsibility to remember this very important date.

Go to the “Application” page to download the application, fill out, turn in your dues to Anna Gee or any board member.

NATIONALS 3.0 Women (SGTC members on this team – Placed 3rd in Tuscon, AZ  Oct 15 to 17).  Congratulations! Read more under Member News & who was on this team.  More Nationals to come Mixed 6.0 & 8.0 teams play Nov 19 to 21 & 3.5 Womens’ team.

SCRAMBLE results up till November- check them out online on that page.  You might be a winner soon and awarded at the Holiday Party December 11.

Who is moving up north? Our long time members…Who got married in Feb? .Who is a new Grandfather?  And whose daughter is expecting a newborn in November?  Find out by clicking on “Member News” page.

Who is going to Nationals (USTA teams 3.0, 3.5, 4.0) in Oct & Nov Tuscon, Arizona?  Good Luck all!  find out who – click on “Member News” latest.

Next Scramble will be Nov. 7, Saturday at SGHS.  The gate should be open from 8 am to 1  pm, but come early – if the gate is closed somehow, go to the South end of the campus to enter by the light, park and then walk in through the campus to the tennis courts.

Read Anna Gee’s article she wrote about the fun Port Hueneme Tennis Getaway Weekend on that page.

Read Tony Law’s article about the first SGTC vs San Marino Tennis Club tournament and which club won! Go to San Marino Tennis Club page for photos.

Find out more – go to page “Member News”. Who is getting married?  Who will or is attending Graduate School?  Who is going to USTA Nationals in November 2010 in Tuscon, Arizona (from our club)?Who is going to the sectional playoffs in Lakewood July 16-18?

San Gabriel High School Tennis Court Use:

SATURDAY tennis club play starts up again on JULY 3. Come one, come all!!

Here’s what we’ve all been waiting for – we can resume play at SGHS starting JULY 3  every SATURDAY from now on.  So come out to play everyone!  Park at the usual spot (but not where the volleyball court nets are – no car oil drippings allowed).  The gate with the code should be open and stay open till we leave (however July 17  to Aug 22 for 6 weeks there will be a slight change and the gate will only be open for 1 hr from 8 till 9am – check the website for details).  We have a permit for Saturdays from  8 to 1pm.  (so around 7:45 to 1:15pm)

Be sure to keep the courts clean & pick up trash, any tennis balls, cans, the tin that is part of the can, water bottles, etc.

Restrooms – we’re not sure which ones but might be those that are in Building E by the Library (so as you come out of the tennis courts facing the front of the school, keep walking, past the Library and turn right.  The restrooms should be there (men’s and women’s).  Details eventually will be worked out.

Call if problems 323 482-3510 John or 626 416 8727 Sandy or any of the other board members.

PORT HUENEME  Weekend Getaway  July 23 to 25, 2010 – Go to this page & print out the application

Tourney against San Marino Tennis Club on July 10 Saturday morning 8 to 12 noon or so at San Marino High School tennis courts – need 6 teams from SGTC.

MONTEREY PARK TENNIS CLUB vs SGTC Tournament RESULTS & Photos online (go to  that page)



Who from SGTC won their mixed doubles team Sectionals for Southern California in Lakewood May 15, 16, 2010? Find out under Member News

TEMPLE CITY TOURNEY results (see page with Temple City Tourney for 60 Photos and all 4 rounds of scores, as well as who participated in the tourney from both clubs.

Temple City Tennis Club & SGTC Tourney Coordinators Dante Carreon (TCTC), Amber Marsden, Tony Law (SGTC)

See more photos on Temple City Tourney page on website.

MONTEREY PARK TENNIS CLUB vs SGTC  May 23, 2010 = sign up with Amber and Tony Law (email or sign up at the courts)

Check your Scramble Results as of April 25, 2010.

HARUKO – hope your tennis elbow gets healed real quick!

MASAKO NAITO – everyone in our club wishes you a speedy recovery from your painful high ankle sprain!   We look forward to your total healing and future exciting tennis matches!

Save the weekend of July 23-25, 2010 to enjoy some fun in Port Hueneme with your fellow SGTC members.

Coordinator Gail Begerow has reserved rooms at the Casa Via Mar Hotel for all of us.  Last year we had a fun time there!

Scramble Day – Raffle out T-shirts with SGTC Logo for each Scramble round.     Be there or be square.  We’ll keep raffling out till we have no more t-shirts left.   Next Scramble Day is April 25

ROSTERS are available at the SGHS courts (Anna Gee – thanks so much for putting together and adding new members, updating all the phones, emails, addresses.  We know this is a never-ending job and we really appreciate all your hard work!)

Love Tournament (Feb 28, 2010- thanks Rollie for coordinating!) went well.  See page on Love Tournament for details.

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