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The San Gabriel Tennis Club’s monthly Scramble is usually held the first Sunday of every month.  Coordinator is Haruko Hosokawa (Assistant Chi Lin) and also 12 other volunteer members for each month.

Scramble Assistants for 2009

December 2008   Isabel Sun & Gloria Estrada
January  2009–   Jerry Chang
February –   Paul Lin
March    —   Joe Flores
April      —   Tan Nguyen
May      —    Masako Naito & Larie Richardson
June     —    Chuck Liu
July       –    Takashi Ikushima
August  —    Charlie Park
Sept —        Amber Marsden
October –    Yoshi Mori
November 2009 –   Phillip & Angela Yang


SCRAMBLE – What is this?

Scramble days are a good time to play with members of all levels, a way to meet members you may not always play with, and to just play for fun.

Scramble Member Responsibilities

For many, many years our club has had its Scrambles on a monthly basis so that all members get to know one another on the courts.

The conductor of the Scramble is a volunteer member and, for some strange reason, it seems that the same people run the Scrambles each and every month. Because of this, many of our members have never run a Scramble and their only contribution to the Scrambles is that they play in them.

This being the case, if you don’t volunteer to run a Scramble, please be sure to help make it easier for the person running it. How, you ask?

(1) By making sure that your name is in the entry list before picking chips (sometimes it is already there).

(2) By letting the conductor of the Scramble know when you are leaving the courts for the day.

(3) By posting your scores immediately after finishing your game instead of staying on court hitting balls.

(4) By arriving a little early in order to warm-up so as not to delay the start of the games.

(5) By picking only one chip, returning it to the “return box” and going to your assigned court and not to the court in which you want to play.

Your cooperation will be expected and is much appreciated.

Other Scramble Rules to keep in mind:

SCTG Scramble is played every 1st Sunday of every month.

Numbers of courts are drawn & respectful numbers play each other in a match of 8 games, changing sides after 4 games.

After the 1st deuce, the team winning the next play in the 2nd deuce wins the match.

In the 2nd deuce, men should serve to men & women to women. If the 4 players are men or are women, the receiver has the choice of who will receive.

Total of 4 rounds are played.

Players are responsible for making sure their number of games won are recorded.

Scramble runs from December through November & begins promptly at 8:00 a.m. Come early to warm up. Upon completion of the 4 rounds players can play tennis games of their choosing.

Note: If the 1st Sunday is rained out, Scramble may be re-scheduled to another Sunday.

How to understand the Scramble Results:

The scores are calculated by games won divided by games you played to show a percentage you won, as well as the average number of games you won per round (2 different columns). Eg. you play four rounds in one month and win 3 out of 8 games the first round;  6 out of 8 games the second round, 4 out of 8 games the 3rd round, and 3 out of 8 games the 4rth round.  That totals 16 games you won out of a possible 32 games for that scramble month.  So 16 divided by 32 is 50% success rate.  The average number of games won per set you have is 16 games won divided by 4 rounds, which is equal to an average of 4 games won per round.  You can view 2 different ways of how effective you were in your scramble play.

By the way, if a player chooses to sit out during one of the sets due to an odd number or having picked a blank chip, they will receive  4 games won out of 8 games played.  Since you were there to play but could not play.  No games will be awarded to you if you miss early rounds or leave early and miss later rounds.

In order to win the end of the year overall prize for the top 2 or 3 women and top 2 or 3 men, a player must have played a minimum of 60% of the total number of games possible for the year (11 months X 32 games per month = 352 games possible.   60% of 352 gams is 211 games to be in contention for the top spots.  So check your total games played every month!  (PS December scramble is not included, since we can’t add those scores on in time for the Holiday Party awards – we will still have a fun scramble day but no scores will be posted).

A “Participation Award” will be given to the top male and top woman who has the played the most total scramble games during the entire year & has the highest games won per round or highest % age won.  So don’t count yourself out!  It pays to come and play every month & not miss any scrambles & not miss any rounds!!

So Scrambles have a dual purpose – for fun & social tennis, as well as to strive to play your best tennis with whoever you partner with!  Go for it!  You never know whether you’ll get a surprise award in December at the party!!!

Any more questions, feel free to ask Haruko Hosokawa, Chi Lin or Tony Law.

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