Halloween Tussle Tournament Oct 30, 2010.

Halloween Tussle Saturday, October 30, 2010  RESULTS and article by Anna Gee

Photos from the Tourney

Click on the following for Results, Overall Scoresheet and Team Captains & their team players:

Results and Scores for Halloween Tourney Oct 30, 2010

Overall Scoresheet

Captains and Team players

Team ScoresheetsForSixCaptainsResults

SGTC HALLOWEEN “Screaming Tournament” TUSSLE

Saturday, October 30, 2010

By Anna Gee

“Rain, rain, go away…”  The rain did go away but left pools of puddles and thoroughly wet courts.  However, SGTC members went to work with brooms, newspapers, rags and old towels to soak up the puddles.  Rollie Amurao touched up the courts with his yard blower.  Thanks, Linda Matsumoto, for bringing all those newspapers for us to use!  What would we have done without them?

While some members worked hard to ready the courts for SGTC’s first-time Halloween Tennis Tournament, others set up refreshment tables with coffee/hot tea, juice and lots of snack goodies to munch on. Thank you, Alice Sepulveda for pitching help with the sign in table, collecting tourney fees and a can of new tennis balls.

Martin, Steve, Amber, Sandy , Mike – thank you for  working on the fun format, for coordinating and putting together the lineups for the first 2 rounds (similar skill levels) and planning it so each of the 6 teams with 6 team members were as competitive as could be.  Steve Marsden started the tournament by getting the 6 captains together to explain how they were to keep scores and the need for them to decide who would pair up for the 3rd and 4rth rounds (partners that had not played together before – with different skill levels).  Thank you -6 captains for being so willing to spontaneously be a part of this tournament format and for making it work (Mike Lu, Amber, Mel Cabral, Linda Matsumoto, Brian Ching, and Tony Law).

As the sun slowly appeared and warmed up the day, players headed to the courts for their matches.  Four, 30-minute rounds were played and team captains reported their team’s scores to Steve Marsden and Martin Law.  The day turned out to be beautiful – blue skies and no clouds in sight – it even got pretty hot while we all had lunch!

Angela Kwok organized the pot luck food that members brought (if they didn’t bring a can of new balls) and Eddie Trieu ordered & picked up chow mein, and various dim sum to add to various salads & desserts.  Eddie, did you get to eat up the “chicken feet” and “lo mai gai” that you bought – I know those are your favorites!  Lee Nguyen – thanks for making your pasta and slaving away on it the night before!  Anna, your chicken salad was delicious, as your mango green salad with “ono” (delicious in Hawaiian) home-made salad dressing, Linda Matsumoto.  Felix, thanks for picking up some morning dim sum for us in the morning – still warm!  Sandy also slaved all night long with the potato salad she brought (haha).   A Halloween-decorated table was filled with many wonderful dishes. Alice Sepulveda decorated the table with Halloween pumpkins and such, along with the pies that Suzanne Machikawa brought.  Thanks to all who contributed to the refreshments.  Everyone enjoyed the delicious dishes.

New members, Colin Tang and Vernon Tam, stayed to help us clean up and put away tables, throw trash, sweep up the area, put everything in Sandy’s van & Anna’s car.  Wow!  So conscientious!  We really appreciate your assistance and young backs, too!

If you saw someone with black pointed ears sticking up or someone with antennae eyeballs, they were only Suzanne Machikawa as the black cat and Anna Gee as the alien with extra eyes.

Prizes were presented by Amber to the following top 2 winning teams: (Amber and Mike Lu were busy buying the prizes and putting together the goodie bags the night before).

1st Place Team –Captain Mike Lu (Mike, Masako, Sam Qian, Eric Hsieh, Rieko, Felix)

2nd Place Team –Captain Amber (Amber, Rollie, Tommy Chu, Ben Lu,

Sudhir, Suzanne (&Lisa Yeung)

Although the remaining teams did not win, their scores were all very close.  See the attached results and who played with whom.  Very competitive scores (8 games or 30 minute play.  If there was a tie 4-4, then each team got ½ point each).

3rd Place Team captained by:  Linda Matsumoto

3 way tie for 4rth Teams captained by Tony Law, Brian Ching, and Mel Cabral

Thanks to everyone who helped compile the teams together and who donated refreshments or balls for the tournament.  Appreciations are extended to all who helped dry up the courts and helped set up the tables and for the clean-up crew.  Until next year…Hoooooooooo !!


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