HOLIDAY Party Dec 11, 2010 Saturday at San Gabriel Recreation Center

2010 HOLIDAY Party  DECEMBER 11, 2010  Saturday

To all SGTC Members,

Go to this site where Angela Kwok & Yoshi Mori, have posted lots of fun photos of the Holiday Party on their Picasa site.  Thank you, Angela, for being our official club photographer for the night- you caught many great shots of us enjoying ourselves with our tennis comrades and Yoshi, for all your fun photos. #     (Angela’s pics) (Yoshi’s)

SAN GABRIEL TENNIS CLUB “Da Bes Club in SGValley!”  No ka oi (in Hawaiian, that means “the best”)

We had a fantastic Hawaiian-themed Holiday Party last Saturday night, Dec. 11th, at the San Gabriel City Recreation Grapevine room.  Anna Gee and the board did a super job planning & coordinating everything – Anna planned the program, ordered the food & wrapped doorprizes (thanks to Anna Gee, Gail Begerow, Sandy Lee, & Tony Wong for contributing to the doorprizes, along with all who brought some appetizers, wine bottles). Tony Wong, thanks for packing and unpacking Anna’s car filled with everything we needed.  Everyone who came early to set up and stayed late to clean up – what teamwork!  Kumi, thanks for manning the sign up table, Angela, Kumi, Isabel, Gloria, Hiroko, Lee, Tina, Martin, Amber for helping decorate the tables, set up the food & light the chafing dishes, and Hiroko for selling the raffle tickets, and Lee and others who brought all the crates of things we needed in to the room.  Thanks, everyone!  What teamwork.

All the food was “ono” delicious, as they say in Hawaii – charsiu bao compliments of Kumi, who brought enough for everyone to take some home, too, chicken teriyaki, bbq beef, shrimp and mahimahi, kalua pork, laulau, salad, chow mein. The cake was decorated with a tennis court and tennis racket and the words “Mele Kalikimaka” (Merry Christmas in Hawaiian).  Sandy’s homemade Hawaiian “haupia” coconut pudding pie with a macadamia nut crust bottom & whipped cream on the top was to die for ;-).    Lots of empty wine bottles were left & the hawaiian “orange sherbert punch” sold out, too.  Each holiday party goer got to get “lei’ed” and wore a different colored and different type of lei, along with their aloha shirt or hawaiian wear.  Some of the ladies wore a flower in their hair and Sandy had a “haku lei” in her hair.  The tables were decorated with some hawaiian puka shell necklaces mixed in with some pine cones and a beautiful Poinsettia flower pot in the middle (given away as doorprizes at the end of the night.)  Reminds me (Sandy) of my green hawaiian christmas celebrations in Hawaii.  I really enjoyed the Hawaiian theme, Anna – thanks for suggesting it.

Isabel Sun planned a fun game involving 3 couples (Hector & Queta Garcia, newlyweds, Martin & Tina Law, and soon to wed Hiroko Nozoe & Lee Nguyen) answering questions about each other.  Fun…. So much laughter.  We found out who knew each other “really”.

Tony Law organized the Charades game in which each table had to describe or act out movies.  Wow. Some great players  who got their tablemates to guess their clues so quickly – Brian, Martin, Tina, Amber, and many others.  Jeremy – you are a great guesser!

Doorprizes galore were given out to most everyone at the party.  50/50 Raffles, too.  Sandy presented leis to Hiroko & Lee to congratulate them for their upcoming wedding in Maui this next week.  Anna gave them a music box that plays the “Wedding March” song.

Scramble Winners for the year were announced & the winners were presented with trophies and awards (see photos) by Keiko, Hiroko, Lee (thank you, this past year’s co-scramble coordinators for faithfully being in charge of the scrambles each month & providing us with morning refreshments)!

Top 3 Women Scramble Winners:
Note: In order to win, a player must have played at least 60% of possible games or rounds during the year – for 2010, that was 160 games minimum played or 60% x 256 total possible games = 160 games).
So plan now to get a trophy for the next year’s Scramble 2011!

1st place       Masako Naito    60.9% (average of 4.88 games out of 8 games won per set)
2nd place:      Angela Kwok     42% (average of 3.38 games out of 8 games won per set)
3rd place:      Keiko Kagan     39.4% (ave. of 3.15 games out of 8 games won per set)

Top 3 Men Scramble Winners: (Note – all the 3 top guys were very, very close – statistically insignificant so
probably all should be tied for #1 !  if round off to 5.5 games won/round)
1st place:      Chi Lin         68.6% (ave. of 5.5 games won out of possible 8 games per set)
2nd place:      Brian Ching     68.5% (ave of 5.48 games won out of possible 8 games per set)
3rd place:      John Machikawa 68.2% (ave of 5.46 games won out of possible 8 games per set

Top Participation Winners:
Female – Masako Naito
Male –      Tommy Chu  (played 224 games out of a possible 256 games during the entire year!!)

Much thanks goes to John Machikawa, our outgoing President, who led us through an up and down, touch and go crisis for our club this year (you didn’t know you were going to have that much drama as president, John, but you took on the challenge & the club is only stronger).  John appreciated the photo calendar we gave him, that had a different photo for each month with either his family of 3, his adorable baby, Valerie, with her chubby cheeks, Suzanne, SGTC photo of his teammates when he captained a 7.0 mixed SGTC team last Winter, and photos of  he and Suzanne (before and after baby was born).  Of course, baby Valerie was present during the entire party and everyone oooh’d and aaah’d over her, wanted to hold her and dote over her.  John & Suzanne, you’ll never be lacking for babysitters.  So yeah, bring Valerie out the the courts like you did last weekend and both of  you can play – the future tennis family!

John thanked each of the outgoing board members and presented them with a mug filled with photos of the board members.  Such a thoughtful gift – now, whenever I drink out of it, I feel like playing tennis.

John introduced the new 2011 Board (thank you all for volunteering to make SGTC the best tennis club around – that’s why we pay you the “big bucks”! :-) Tony Law will be our new 2011 President!!

New 2011 Board
President –              Tony Law
Vice President –        Mike Lu
Secretary –              Lily Ng
Treasurer –              Tony Wong
Co-Socials:              Eddie Trieu & Angela Kwok & John Machikawa
Publicity –              Sandy Lee
Inter-Club Tennis Manager:     Keiko Kagan
Intra-Club Tennis Manager        Amber Marsden
Co-Scramble Coordinators:     Lisa Szeto, Eric Hsieh, James Brentzel, Justin Lee
Our loyal SGTC member:  Anna Gee

Thanks Everyone, for making the 2010 SGTC Holiday Party a memorable one!

Send in your member dues asap and see you next year 2011!  It’s worth being a member of SGTC – for $1 on the average per month for 5 hours 8am till 1pm, you’re able to play tennis on Saturdays (instead of sleeping in ;-) ) and hang out with your tennis club friends.  Next year’s board will meet in January to plan the year’s activities, tournaments, events to come.  Till then….

Mele Kalikimaka,

Your Outgoing 2010 Board
President:      John Machikawa
Vice Pres:      Jeremy Lee
Treasurer:      Tony Wong
Secretary:      Suzanne Machikawa
IntraClub Tennis Coordinator: Martin Law
InterClub Tennis Coordinators:  Amber Marsden  & Tony Law
Co-Social Coordinators:  Eddie Trieu & Angela Kwok
Website/Publicity:      Sandy Lee
Scramble Coordinators:    Keiko Kagan, Hiroko Nozoe, Lee Nguyen
Membership & lots of everthing else!      Anna Gee

Reminder- click on:

Xmas Flyer2010 reminder – Official Flyer to come in the mail

Last year’s Holiday Party info – 2009

PHOTOS (45) of Holiday Party Dec 12, 2009 at Hop Woo Restaurant

click on above link to view photos of new members, and many spouses/families, karaoke members, new and old 2009 and 2010 board members.

2009 HOLIDAY Party – DEC. 12, 2009;  Sat. 6pm at Hop Woo Restaurant, Alhambra,

SGTC 2009 Holiday & Thanks written by Anna Gee

Each course of the dinner was great and delectable.  Everyone got to pick a prize.  Big winners in the “50/50” (changed to 100%) money raffle were Yoshi Mori, Lee Nguyen, and Jeff Kagan (Keiko’s husband).

We had lots of brave entertainers participating in Karaoke.  It was wonderful to see many newcomers and lots of the long-time members whom we don’t see often.   Thanks, Tony Law & Eddie for handling the Scramble presentations and also extending 2009 appreciations.  Many other members also helped to put the event together—Haruko & Chi for picking up decorations from Sandy (who had another party to attend & came later); the prize wrapping committee:  Anna, Isabel, Yayomi & Haruko; the paparazzi (opps, I mean the photographers):  Angela Kwok, Sandy, et al.; Tina for distributing name tags; Anna for bringing snacks for the social hour; Tony Wong for getting the drinks and the delicious cake; and Martin for making the arrangements at the restaurant.

Thanks also to members who have helped throughout the year—Masako for opening up the court gates & restrooms & Tony Wong for making sure the restrooms, court gates & tennis shed were locked up at the end; thanks for those helping with the Scramble, coordinating the event & bringing refreshments.  Working together, members created a fun and joyful atmosphere.  Wishing everyone continued joy in the days forthcoming and into the New Year.  Happy Holidays!

Come one, come all!  Get your awards for Scramble and Turkey Tussle Tournament,  be sure to show your support for your outgoing and incoming Board members, and enjoy the fun doorprizes and fellowship – you get to see everyone you don’t recognize (without their tennis duds)!

“Top 10 Reasons Why San Gabriel Tennis Club is the Best!” by Sandy Lee Dec 2008

Click on above red link above or the Purple link to view Powerpoint Slide Presentation by Outgoing President, Sandy Lee, who shared this with the party goers at the end of the year Holiday Party.  Sandy had fun putting it together for everyone!  Enjoy viewing it at your leisure at home! I think you wil like it!  Something different….

To view the 18 powerpoint slides, click on the top menu “Slide Show”.  Then click on “view slide show”,  then keep clicking “enter” and view each bullet and slide.  There might be a white screen, but just keep entering.  If you cannot view, email Sandy at

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