MontereyParkTourney RESULTS.PIX MAY 23, 2010

Monterey Park Tennis Club vs SGTC Tournament RESULTS from May 23, 2010

Very close competition this year -click on the partners and players and results (note: there were more SGTC players so we mixed and matched and some SGTC members played against each other, too).   One match was tied – dead even :  Linda Matsumoto and Stacey Iwata (MPTC) vs Amber and Isabel Sun  – 5 games to 5 games!  Exciting.

Thanks Tony Wong & Amber for co-coordinating!  (Read more below -thanks to all involved). and view photo link to

MPTC Results May 23. 2010

Photos from the Tourney (first one – who is this under the cap in the first photo?)


From Amber & Tony Law (Thanks to all involved in MPTC tourney)

Thank you to all who turned out this past Sunday for the MPTC/SGTC mixer tournament. SGTC had around 30 members who participated or came out to support! Tony Law and Pete Tapia worked hard throughout the morning to pair up the teams. So thank you for all being flexible with the match-ups. We hope they were fun. How did you enjoy the format of play? We’ve played the 30 minute rounds style before. Too long? Too short? Let us know! =)

A special thank you to those of you from SGTC and MPTC who brought potluck. It’s understandable that many players were lured away from the courts by the abundance of good food.. including the morning refreshments and coffee from Anna, donuts from Isabel and Jenn, Shirley and Linda Matsumoto’s dim sum, the much raved about spinach wraps from Stacey Iwata, Emi Serizawa’s Chinese chicken salad, and Haruko’s rice dish.  Thanks to the other members of MPTC and SGTC who brought apple pies, chips and salsa, and more.

Thank you to Anna Gee for coming to set up early, Angela Kwok for the chicken, fruits, and water, Tony Wong for the sodas, and Mario for the juices. Thanks to John Sepulveda for traveling from Ventura to make it, bringing some of his fans to support as well; Steve Marsden for picking up the pizza, and Sandy Lee for packing her van full paper goods, ice and coolers, chairs and tables.. without which we’d be eating on the floor.

Putting together a tournament is always a club effort so thank you to you all for contributing to the success of the tournament and potluck. Good tennis, good food, and great company!

Attached are the results of the matches played.
Those of you who wore your SGTC shirts looked very spiffy. We’ll be sure to coordinate next time.  Monterey Park/SGTC Mixer Tournament

Click on Flyer to see details.

Monterey Park Tourney 2010 Flyer May 23

ARCHIVES Past Year MPTC vs SGTC 2009

To see results of the Monterey ParkTennis Club vs SGTC Tournament May 31, 2009,  click on the following link:

Results of MPTC Tourney May 31 2009

Perfect weather & Fun Monterey Park Tennis Club Players for our Tourney!!

Read on this Article By John Machikawa

May 31, 2009 MPTC vs SGTC Tournament

The event started early in the morning, with Takashi and Masako opening up the gates for players who were eager to warm up.  The Monterey Park members started arriving and were setting up their chairs and tables for their potluck.  Anna Gee arrived early and helped out with the setting up of tables and collecting tournament fees.  The weather was overcast with a nice breeze, perfect weather for tennis and the food did not roast.

The event had four rounds, which was “scramble style” with 8 games and no ad scoring.  If the match ended up with a tie of 4-4, a 7 point tiebreaker determined the winner.  The MPTC won 20 sets and SGTC won 14 sets.  Both clubs had similar skill levels and had very close matches.

The first round began at 8:30, which was coordinated by Stella Soto from MPTC and John Machikawa of SGTC.  Yoshi Mori/Danny Gloria won their match against some tough opponents.  Rieko Gambrel and Tracy Huang who met for the first time also pulled off a victory.  The second round had some close matches.  Danny Gloria/Tracy Huang and Jeremy Lee/Angela Kwok pulled off victories by winning their tiebreakers.  In the third round, Joe Flores and Tommy Chu had strong win.  In the last round, Sandy Lee and Gloria Estrada won their match against some good players with a score of 6-2.

Several dedicated SGTC members arrived at the event for extra help and support.  Anna Gee, Steve Marsden, and Martin Law arrived and helped facilitate the tourney.  Angela Kwok and Eddie Trieu brought the drinks, ice, snacks, and delicious chow mein/fried rice.  Shirley Woo helped out “behind the scenes” by assisting with match-ups.  Sandy Lee was instrumental in scorekeeping and matching players, as well as taking a lot of club photos to remember the event.

It was nice to see Ben Louie and his wife, Lauren with baby girl, Mallory come support and cheer him and the club (see photo).  Two of our members played in their first tournament for San Gabriel, Keiko Kagan and Justin Lee.

In summary, the event was enjoyable from the beginning to the end.  There was good weather, good company, and all you can eat food/drinks.  Stella Soto from MPTC did an excellent job in organizing players and matches.  Our club will be looking forward to next year with another tournament with MPTC.

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