2010  Temple City Tennis Club vs SGTC Tournament at Live Oak Parin Temple City May 2, 2010, Sun. Morning).

Temple City Tourney RESULTS

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Temple City Photos

Thank you email to all participants from Amber and Tony Law (coordinators) – see email below

To all Temple City/SGTC Tournament participants

We hope all of you felt that the tournament this past Sunday was as successful as we thought it was.  The weather was nice, great company, delicious lunch & fun tennis!  Coordinating and setting up the match-ups with Dante from the Temple City Tennis Club was fun, especially with Tommy Chu helping out so much too. If you didn’t know already, SGTC won 15-13!

I hope all of you enjoyed your match ups. With many members signed up we tried to ensure everyone got in 2 rounds of play. The rounds after were also very fun and were a chance for you to be able to make your own match ups with each other and the Temple City players.  Continue to sign up early for all tournaments in the future.

“Thank you’s” go out to many people involved:
Tommy Chu – for helping organize and coordinate the many aspects of the tournament, esp getting people to put down food and go play on their assigned courts in the designated round.
Anna Gee – for bringing the coffee after going to open up SGTC courts early in the morning.
Eddie Trieu – for organizing the morning food and drinks.
Suzanne Machikawa, Haruko – for cheering on the club
Sandy – for bringing ice and ice chests.
Ko, Lito, Herman,and Dante & Temple City Tennis Club – for providing the courts, food, and a fun day of tennis.

Thanks to everyone who wore their SGTC shirts! We all looked very good. See for yourself:
Temple City Tournament Pictures.

from:   Amber & Tony Law, Co-coordinators of TCTC vs SGTC Tourney May 2, 2010

ARCHIVES:  LAST YEAR’s 2009 Temple City Tourney Results and Article

TEMPLE City Tennis Club TOURNEY a SUCCESS thanks to John Machikawa!!         May 3, 2009

Thanks to Sam McRoberts, President of Temple City Tennis Club for the following results/scores of all participants in this Tourney.  He sent us the excel scores…  Yeah!!! Teamwork!  (Click on Results link below to view players & scores for 3 rounds).  Then enjoy reading John Machikawa’s recap of the event!!

Temple City Tourney May 3, 2009 Results, Scores, Players

Go to “Photos Temple City” Page to see lots more photos!

by John Machikawa

The annual Temple City and San Gabriel Tennis Club tournament was held at Live Oak Park in Temple City on May 3, 2009.  The day started early with many of the San Gabriel Tennis Club members warming up at the crack of dawn.  Tommy Chu was the first to be seen hitting balls and getting ready for the tournament.  By 8:00, our members were energized to play the Temple City Club’s members.  A cornucopia of refreshments and desserts were provided by Angela Kwok including brownies, pub mix, tangerines, and various cookies.  The day was perfect for tennis playing, slightly overcast with a balmy breeze.

The newer members, Rieko Gambrel, Amy Liang, Sharon Hendricks, and Chuck Liu represented our club with good tennis spirit.  Long time member, John Sepulveda came all the way from Ventura County to compete in the tournament.  Sandy Lee and Gloria Estrada who both had USTA matches later on that day, came and supported San Gabriel.  Sandy and Tommy Chu were instrumental in facilitating the coordination of the tournament.  Steve Marsden also came to provide support to the club.

In the first round, there were long marathon matches.  Haruko Hosokawa/Suzanne Machikawa was in a long battle with their opponents, with competitive rallies.  Tony Wong/Venkat were also in a never-ending battle and pulled off a victory for the club.

During the third round, club members enjoyed a crispy fried chicken meal, green salad with vine ripened tomatoes and potato salad.  While the third round was coming to a finish, a few tennis players from both clubs played a fourth round.  After the fourth round, a few diehard tennis players continued the tennis action.  Tony Law, Haruko, Chi Lin, and Amy Liang continued playing multiple sets until dinner time.

Although the Temple City Club was victorious over San Gabriel with a match score of 13-8, it was a day of competitive tennis, making new friends, and camaraderie.  We will be looking forward to next year’s tournament with Temple City.  Thank you to all the members that participated in the event.

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