Court Etiquette

Court Etiquette

• Don’t shout across or near a court while a game is in play.

• Please wait until players have completed their game in play before walking across to another court.

• When serving, be sure the receiver is reasonably ready before starting.

• A point should be replayed when another court’s ball lands in your area while your game is in play.

• Game and set scores should be called out.

• If there is a discrepancy of where the ball landed, play the point over. Always give the benefit of the doubt.

• Above all, please refrain from angry antics and unacceptable language.

Court Reminders

• SGTC has use of the courts at San Gabriel High School on Saturdays from 8am – 1pm. Please respect the time usage. If you want sufficient time to play tennis, be sure to come out early.

• Please pick up your trash, empty tennis ball cans, and other empty containers such as water or soft drink bottles.

• Take a look around the courts before you leave to be sure you have not left any of your personal belongings such as jacket, towel, racquet cover, cap, visor, sunglasses, etc.


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